The Anderida Learning Centre (ALC) is an alternative independent school based in East Sussex for SEMH pupils, aged 11-18. The school offers full and part-time provision for pupils who have been excluded or find it difficult to be successful in mainstream schools.

Most of the young people who attend the Anderida Learning Centre arrive here at a point of crisis or conflict in their lives. Through our ALC expert intervention we help them to regain a sense of confidence and self-esteem. This allows them to refocus and experience success in education, despite the disruption to their learning caused by leaving mainstream school. Irrespective of their length of stay we work hard to foster life long learning skills that will allow students to be successful in the community. 

The Anderida Learning Centre offers all pupils the opportunity to be successful in their academic achievement. Our staff are experienced and have continuous training in behaviour management, as a result of this our whole school attendance data is excellent.


We are proud of this achievement bearing in mind many of our students come to us as non attenders. The school aims to work in partnership with parents, carers, families and outside agencies to support the students and enable them to reach their full potential.

Functional, vocational and life skills.

One of our classrooms

Following our inspection in February 2019 our Learning Centre was rated as good.

We are pleased to share comments that Ofsted have made about some of our strengths:


"Pupils’ personal development is a strength of the school. Staff understand pupils’ vulnerabilities and work hard to break down the barriers to learning that many of them have"


"The curriculum meets the needs of pupils well. It is constantly evolving. This ensures that pupils have a strong chance of accessing learning that interests and motivates them. This is especially the case for pupils who stay at the school for longer periods of time" 

"The arrangements for safeguarding are effective. The head of school and all staff make this their number one priority"

"the culture to keep pupils safe is strong"

"pupils make very strong progress because teachers are successful at inspiring and motivating them to do their best " 

Sports Relief charity day 

Creative practical lessons tailored to pupils
GCSE curriculum available for longer term students
Options available for further learning and qualifications