Working On The Farm


Work experience on a working farm.

Specialists in work-based learning, Olivers Hill Farm provides students with experiential, therapeutic, country-based education on a working farm.

Anderida Learning Centre works very closely with Olivers Hill Farm to put together education work experience packages that are tailor made to meet the needs of individual students.

Students get to work on a fully functioning farm gaining experience with Animal Care, Machine Maintenance and Agriculture.

The staff working on the farm are vastly experienced in working with young people at all levels.


Pupil Points

Points mean prizes.

Pupil Points is a system incorporated into each day at the learning centre in order to incentivise good behaviour. It earns the pupil a point for elements of the day such as time-keeping or courteousness, and should the appropriately set target be reached, a reward can be earned.


Teaching students new SKILLZ.

We offer students our very own officially recognised qualification called Skillz. It is designed to prepare young people with the basic skills that are necessary for the step into independence. Students work from our comprehensive website completing different workshops covering units like Relationships, How Things Work and Personal Hygiene.


E Learning is an educational platform that has been developed for children and young people who are unable to access traditional schooling. The learners and teachers network in a virtual class-room via live streamed classes on the internet. They can interact online with the aid of a virtual whiteboard on screen facilitating participation in the lesson. The resources for the lesson are displayed on the whiteboard and software and access to educational internet sites can be shared across this learning platform. As well as qualified ‘virtual’ teachers, the learner is supported at all times in the learning environment by our skilled Anderida Learning Centre staff team.

Post 16 Progression

 The curriculum can be adapted to meet the needs of the pupils.  It is the expectation that all learners leaving compulsory   education with Anderida Learning Centre will be equipped with both transferable life skills and educational accreditation of an equal currency to that of their mainstream peers. Anderida Learning Centre is committed to ensuring all young people have the greatest opportunities possible of gaining Economic Wellbeing and independence in adulthood. In addition to the practical, business and educational skills developed within this setting, learners will develop social skills promoting teamwork, interpersonal communication and initiative.  Within vocational pathways, learners will also be encouraged to participate in a range of residential opportunities.  These may include camping expeditions, international excursions and sporting opportunities that will serve to enrich and complement each personalised educational provision.

We Provide...


1 to 1 mentor support during lessons.

Students whom English is an additional language will be provided with additional 1 to 1 literacy support.

Friendly, experienced staff.

Individually tailored timetable.

An alternative to mainstream where you can still gain qualifications.

Weekly one to one tutorials to check progress, set targets and to get career guidance.

Somewhere that you can feel valued and respected.

Support to build new paths to success.

An award scheme where progress is rewarded with fun activities.

Support in building confidence.

The School Day...


The school day is made up of six periods, in KS/4 pupils follow the core curriculum; English, Math, Science and ICT,  with the option of  studying ; PHSE, Child Development , PE, Social Skills and Food Technology. 

Year 11’s are encouraged to undertake work experience.  

In KS3 pupils will access the core curriculum as well as vocational studies on the farm.