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Visitors Guide

ALC strives to help students build their confidence and self-esteem by building positive relationships. We help students to take ownership of their learning whilst making healthy choices in an environment that is warm, friendly, and inspiring. Our aim is to make students feel valued and respected, in the knowledge that we are working towards a future in which they will thrive.

School Notebook

What we do

  • We offer an individualised approach to learning with one to one teaching in academic and vocational subjects

  • The team at ALC have expertise in assessing barriers to learning and developing personalised support plans

  • We use therapeutic approaches to better understand individual needs and barriers, establishing learning journeys catered to each student

  • The team are trained in mental health awareness, ADHD, ASC, ODD and attachment disorder 

  • The team embrace Maslow's Hierarchy to meet the needs of every student

We pride ourselves on being able to fulfil each young person’s potential, irrespective of length of stay and have a successful whole school attendance.

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